Top 10 Rocking Chair Cushions Review

Rocking Chair Cushions

A rocking chair cushion can be the most important investment in your comfort. Nothing is more comfortable than relaxing in such a chair while reading a book or perhaps watching TV. Combine this activity with a weekend day and you have just found the perfect recipe for the time of your life. Moreover, these chairs are just as handy for babies. But then, these things can be tricky, especially as they are so diversified. What do you do then? A little research will open a lot of doors. Apart from knowing what you truly want, a rocking chair cushions review or two will also help you figure what to expect.

Important Features To Look For

The type of chair is probably the first thing to pay attention to in rocking chair cushions. There are more types of chairs out there, so the cushion must be specifically developed for your own type. From this point of view, you might have a traditional, platform, gliding or outdoor chair. Each unit has its own specifications. Although the feeling is pretty much the same, different shapes and designs ask for appropriate cushions.

Other than that, think about the mounting mechanism too. Many cushions come with a nonslip surface. This is an excellent feature that adds to the comfort. If the cushion keeps slipping, rearranging it becomes the most annoying thing ever. Plus, you can kiss comfort goodbye. However, even a nonslip cushion may slip sometimes, depending on your favorite position. Therefore, double check the way it is fit into place. Most cushions come with some laces or strings that knot under or behind the chair. Ensure they are tough and thick though.

Do not overcome the material and filling either. The material adds to the durability. You do not want it to go rugged after a few months. It might be a good idea to get a cushion with a removable cover, which you can machine wash. Maintenance is quite important, as you may not always feel like cleaning the cushion manually. As for the filling, there are usually more choices out there. At first, they all look comfortable. With time, the worst ones compress and provide no comfort at all. Most commonly, polyester fiber is likely to support you for long periods of time. It is quite popular too, so it will not add to the price.

Top 10 Rocking Chair Cushions


Miles Kimball Tyson Deluxe Rocker Set


Miles Kimball Tyson Deluxe Rocker Set takes style and elegance to a brand new level. Not only does it look good, but it also comes with the right features. In terms of appearance, it has a neutral appearance. It looks luxurious, despite the cost efficient profile. Another good news is that it is stain resistant. Of course, it does not mean that you can throw wine on it and expect nothing to happen. Clean right away and it will be fine. The textured tweeds are entirely made of polypropylene, as well as acrylic polyester.

The backing will not cause any discomfort while slipping away. In fact, it is covered in polyester and latex, which can easily match any surface and maintain their position. As for the filling, you got polyester fiberfill. It will maintain its integrity in the long run. The back cushion measures 4 inches in thickness – more than enough to prevent you feeling the solid backing. As sizing is one of the most important things in the process, the back cushion has 18.5 inches in width and 22.5 inches in length. Apart from beige, it comes in three other colors – dark brown, brick red and blue.

Baby Doll Bedding Carnation Eyelet Adult Rocking Chair Cushion Pad Set

Baby Doll Bedding Carnation Eyelet Adult Rocking Chair Cushion Pad Set

The Baby Doll Bedding Carnation Eyelet Adult Set is the ideal choice for a baby’s room. It looks heavenly and comes in white. You can also find it in ecru, yet the white variety is more popular. The actual maintenance is probably the most enticing part about this rocking chair cushion. Simply put, you can place it in a washing machine and let it go. Follow the washing rules and do not wash it at the same time with dark colored things, as you might ruin its bright appearance. The cushion is made in the USA. It does not mean that cushions made in other countries are low in quality, but at least you know that this one is built to North American quality standards.

The back measures 25×18.5×5 inches, so double check the chair upfront. As for the seat, it measures 20x17x5 inches. The 5 inch thickness is excellent for comfort, especially as the cushion is less likely to go flat. As for the exterior fabric, you got a mixture of eyelet polyester and cotton. It is safe and less likely to cause any allergies. Also, it ties on each of its corners, only to keep it in place.

Greendale Home Fashions Jumbo Rocking Chair Cushion

Greendale Home Fashions Jumbo Rocking Chair Cushion

The Greendale Home Fashions Jumbo Cushion comes in three colors – khaki, sage and wine. The khaki variety is the most popular one so far. It is better known for the high comfort standards. It measures 18x3x28 inches. Although it may not be as thick as other similar cushions, it maintains its integrity in the long run. It is worth noting that it is shipped in a slightly compressed form. Therefore, it will reach its full size a few days after unpacking, so there is nothing to worry about if it looks a bit smaller than your rocking chair.

When it comes to the actual materials, it is made of 100% nylon microfiber fabric. It is durable and easy to maintain, yet it demands special care. Practically, maintenance implies spot cleaning only. You cannot put this cushion into a washing machine. On the other hand, the inside consists of fiberfill. It is 100% recycled. Altogether, the whole cushion weighs around 4.8 pounds. It is among the best selling and best rated cushions over the Internet, so it is certainly worth a little attention.

Barnett Rocking Chair Cushions – Tiffany Black & Gold Brocade

Barnett Rocking Chair Cushions – Tiffany Black & Gold Brocade

The Barnett Rocking Chair Cushions Review : Tiffany Black & Gold Brocade aims to take your rocking chair to the next level. This model is built to deliver comfort. In terms of design, it is black, but it has gold dots. It looks both traditional and contemporary, depending on the room theme. The good news is that the filling consists of latex rubber. It is different from other units in its segment, as latex rubber is more comfortable than polyester. Moreover, it is less likely to flatten. Another positive aspect is the maintenance. This unit can be machine washed. When it comes to drying, do not put it in a dryer though, but let it air dry.

The set is entirely made in the USA. The back measures 23×18 inches, while the seat measures 19×19.5 inches. It is mostly designed for middle sized and large rocking chairs. It comes with triple stitched back ties, as well as lock stitched seams that will never fail on you. Forget about popping issues. As for slipping, it becomes history. With 12 tacks in the back and 12 more tacks in the seat, this cushion will always stay in place. Measure the chair upfront, only to prevent unexpected surprises.

WalterDrake Sherpa Rocking Chair Cushion Set By OakRidge ComfortsTM

WalterDrake Sherpa Rocking Chair Cushion Set By OakRidge ComfortsTM

This rocking chair cushion set will impress you with its high comfort. Its cozy design is available in four colors – brown, burgundy, camel and natural. The natural variety is the most popular one, yet you should choose it based on the theme of the room. It is designed by Oakridge ComfortsTM, which is world renowned for the high quality standards. The back cushion measures 22.5x17x3 inches, while the seat cushion goes to 18.5x17x3 inches. It might look a little thin when compared to other rocking chair cushion alternatives in this segment, yet it will maintain its firmness over long periods of time.

Securing this rocking chair cushion is piece of cake. You got four ties on the back cushion – one for each corner. As for the bottom, there are two different ties. It might be a good idea to keep staining fluids away from this cushion. Although it is not so hard to maintain, the truth is that cleaning can be a bit challenging. The manufacturer recommends spot cleaning if you truly want to preserve it. Put it inside a washing machine and you risk ruining it. In terms of filling, you got 100% fiberfill, which is both firm and soft.

Greendale Home Fashions Jumbo Rocking Chair Cushion Set Hyatt Fabric

6Greendale Home Fashions Jumbo Rocking Chair Cushion Set Hyatt Fabric takes comfort to a brand new level. It is designed for large rocking chairs and provides just the perfect type of relaxation. The moss variety is the most popular one, yet you can find other colors as well – denim, cream, burgundy and scarlet. Altogether, this chair cushion measures 18x3x28 inches. It weighs 6 pounds. Also, it comes with a boxed corded edge for a better fit. Keeping it in place is piece of cake, as it has four circle tacks and string ties. The set is reversible for extra convenience as well. Keep in mind that it is shipped compressed. Therefore, it will require a few days before reaching to the official size.

The unit is made of 100% nylon microfiber fabric. It is rated as a nonslip material, yet it might feel slippery sometimes – depending on the chair material and finish too. Fortunately, the strong ties keep it in place. Moreover, it comes with 100% polyester fiberfill. It is strong, durable and comfortable. In terms of maintenance, you should never put this cushion inside the washing machine. The manufacturer recommends spot cleaning. If you are not sure how to do it, just take it to a cleaning center.

LTD Commodities Rocking Chair Cushion Set

LTD Commodities Rocking Chair Cushion Set

LTD Commodities’s Cushion Set is among the top selling cushions for rocking chairs. It comes with a fluffy design that can take your comfort to a brand new level. It consists of two pieces that are similar in sizing. Therefore, double check the chair design first. All in all, the seat cushion measures 17×18 inches. The back cushion goes to 17×21 inches. The cushion weighs 2.2 pounds only. It is a lot lighter than other cushions in this segment, but this aspect does not affect the comfort. Apart from rocking chairs, the pad might fit gliders as well, but it is worth double checking sizes to make sure.

This set is made of polyester. It feels “satiny”, so it may not be too durable for outdoor uses. If you want something for your backyard, opt for a model that was specifically developed with this purpose. As for the filling, you can count on polyester fiberfill. There is nothing more comfortable than that in this industry, not to mention its durability. Maintenance demands spot cleaning, so avoid putting the cushion into a washing machine.

The Gripper Non-Slip Rocker Set

The Gripper Non-Slip Rocker Set, Tropical Palm

The Gripper Non-Slip Rocker Set may look a bit too simplistic for a cushion. However, every rocking chair cushions review for this unit is positive and recommends it, so there must be something good about it. Plenty of people will love the fact that it is built to North American quality standards – made in the USA. Also, the tropical palm design makes it excellent for specific themes. Sure, you do not necessarily need to live in an exotic area in order to get it. As long as it can blend into the room decor, you are on the right path.

Both the seat and back cushions are 2 inches in thickness. They ensure a comfortable experience for long lasting seating. As for other sizing standards, the seat measures 15×16 inches, while the back goes up to 24×16 inches. The good news is that it can match pretty much any rocking chair on the market – including many gliding chairs as well. Just measure your chair before buying. The gripper backing guarantees for nonslip seating. As for materials, the set is made of 53% cotton and 47% polyester. Given the size, it is extremely lightweight as well.

Barnett Rocking Chair Cushions – Vignette Blue White Plaid Buffalo Checks

Barnett Rocking Chair Cushions – Vignette Blue White Plaid Buffalo Checks

These cushions has an answer to each of your queries if you have ever experienced problems with a rocking chair cushion set. It is made in the USA. It is built to North American quality standards, so there are no risks about it. When compared to other units in its segment, it goes a bit farther than normally. Basically, it comes with solid back ties – triple stitched. Furthermore, the seams are less likely to ever pop due to being lock stitched. The unit is made of cotton, but the filling is what draws most of the attention – top-notch latex rubber. This kind of fill is different from polyester. First, it will never flatten. Second, it feels more comfortable.

Worried about the maintenance? Forget about spot cleaning or other frustrating experiences. Instead, enjoy machine washing. Pay attention to drying though. This unit should be air dried and never put into a dryer. Do not forget to check the size of your rocking chair if you do not want any unexpected surprises. The seat in this set measures 17×16 inches. On the other hand, the back goes up to 16×21 inches. It can normally match most rocking chairs, as well as some gliding chairs.

Barnett Rocking Chair Cushions Set – Chablis Shabby Chic Floral Print

Barnett Rocking Chair Cushion Set – Chablis Shabby Chic Floral Print

These cushions are ideal if you are the type who loves classic and traditional cushion sets. This chic floral print is ideal then. Of course, despite the traditional appearance, it can easily match into a contemporary decor as well. It is up to you to make a choice though. The construction is flawless from all points of view – whether you count the durability, strength or comfort. For instance, it has lock stitched seams. In other words, they will never pop out of nowhere. The same goes for the back ties, which are triple stitched. On the other hand, in terms of comfort, you will love the premium latex rubber fill. If you have used classic polyester fiberfill before, you will sense the difference right away. Not only latex rubber is more comfortable, but it will never flatten either.

Given the 100% cotton construction, you can put the unit into a washing machine. Just keep it away from a dryer though. Let it air dry. All in all, the seat measures 19.5×19 inches, while the back measures 18×23 inches.


As a short final conclusion, any rocking chair cushions review out there can give you some valuable hints. Basically, you should not make this choice based on looks only. Sure, you want the cushion to match the theme of your room, but you also want it to be soft, comfortable and durable. Otherwise, the design becomes pointless. It is also important to take your time when shopping. Measure the chair and check out more items before deciding. Remember to look after cost efficiency – high quality at an affordable price. Once you have these aspects covered, the entire shopping process becomes a breeze. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!