Health Benefits of Rocking Chairs

health benefits of rocking chairs

Nostalgia and uneasiness are likely to spring to mind when someone mentions rocking chairs. Why? Because rocking chairs apart from looks, look old and outdated. Many people believe it is a thing of the past and that only old people who have nothing better to do use it. Well that is not true. Rocking chairs surprisingly have health benefits that other chairs don’t possess. Some healing advantages they provide include battling ADD/ADHD, back pain , autism, varicose veins and many more. This is something truly amazing that can only be found in rocking chairs. No other chair in the world can do this apart from mechanical chairs. But you’ll have to be investing a few grand into that when you can get it for almost 10 cheaper, rocking chairs also save battery, electricity and money.

Back Pain: For people that are suffering from back pain, it is shown that simple rocking along with some light hearted exercise can relieve some pain in the back. This is especially effective for those that suffer from chronic back pain.

Autism: Rocking chairs have shown some positive effects in helping those that suffer from Autism and sensory disorders. The brain is calmer and care free when on a rocking chair as it manipulates the body’s sense of security. This is especially effective for those that just want to relax and do nothing after a hard day’s work.

Varicose Veins: This very unattractive yet painful condition that affects millions of people around the world can be relieved through a rocking chair. A rocking chair is shown to promote circulation, especially to those that are lazy and don’t do as much exercise.

Surgery and Recovery: Being a rocking chair can also speed up your recovery process, the kinetic motion generated from the constant rocking is especially helpful. This is particularly helpful for those that have recently undergone surgery in the leg or knee section. Apart from the knee and leg section they can also speed up the healing time of other conditions such as heart attacks, strokes and even diabetes. They are a hidden treatment method that no one is talking about, simply because everyone is skeptical and thinking that no way a rocking chair could possibly do it. It must be made up information. If you don’t believe me too, then I would advise you do some research or purchase one yourself and see for yourself if it works. You will never know until you try it out yourself.

Rocking chairs are also partially effective for those that are expecting a baby soon in the future. This can relax the parent as well as sooth the nervous system, giving you a greater chance for a successful birth. If you are considering on purchasing a rocking chair be sure to purchase some rocking chair cushions as well!